Carnival cruise free drink coupons

Drink packages can provide greater value on cruises with more sea days compared to cruises that are more port intensive.

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Yet if cruising is just one big party to you, the investment of a beverage package can pay dividends. Just drink responsibly and stay afloat!

Sometimes cruise lines will run special deals and offer these all you can drink packages for free as an incentive for you to book the cruise. That is how we drank for free when we sailed on the Norwegian Star. It was fantastic! It was open bar the entire cruise and nearly the entire drink menu was included, even most top-shelf brands! Also, there are a few cruise ships that are all-inclusive and even include unlimited alcohol. When we cruised on the Pullmantur Monarch, it included a full open bar during the two-week sailing. Search around to find cruise deals that include the unlimited beverage package.

We tend to see such promos offered by Norwegian and Celebrity the most. Call a good travel agent who can let you know which cruise lines may be currently running such a beverage package promotion. Passengers have been known to sneak their own booze aboard cruises. If you are going to smuggle some liquor aboard your next sailing, consider a cruise ship flask kit that is specifically made for the purpose of being undetected when going through security.

Many of these cruise flask kits have a good track record of success. Check the most recent reviews.

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If you took sneaky tactics like putting alcohol in a mouthwash bottle, security will almost certainly confiscate it. But that never actually happens in practice.

Realistically, the biggest risk is having the booze confiscated. Part of the fun of drinking on a cruise is the social element, hanging out the numerous bars, pubs, and clubs on these awesome ships. The nightly parties can be a blast. Drunken karaoke sessions are hilarious. Yet some of the aforementioned cruise tips for cheap drinks may confine passengers to drinking in their staterooms. We do it all the time. In fact, during one of our last cruises, we had more bottles of bubbly than we knew what to do with!

We show you exactly how to get free sparkling wine and other free drinks on cruises in our next post in this series :. More info here. All the best hotels in port cities tend to get reserved by cruise passengers in advance. We like using hotelscombined. Publishing note: This article with tips on How to Get Cheap Drinks on a Cruise Ship was first written in June and is continually updated, most recently in January with the latest information and prices.

Beverage packages on cruises

Thanks for all the great insights. I am going on a Holland America cruise in October and will purchase liquor to be delivered to my cabin, and try to bring a mixer in my carry-on. I know you gave the tip about being able to fill a wine glass in the cabin, then carry it around the ship. But what if i bring a travel cup, and make myself a mixed drink in my cabin, then carry it around? Do you think anyone would object? Is it frequently attempted? But it would be very frowned upon bringing your own cup to the dining room.

You can make a cocktail in the glasses provided and carry it around the ship, no problem at all. Usually the glasses they bring you are the same ones used at the bar. Have a great cruise! Hahahaha the guy looks like a straight goober. Haha probably a five time gold medalist in the goober nationals. Sounds like a classic goober move to me. Just bought 2 ml bottles of corked and caged beers that look pretty much like wine.

Hopefully they will make it through. I just want to sit on my balcony and sip on a beer before dinner a couple nights. Will update after the cruise to see if it worked.

Free for all

Hope you have a great cruise and enjoy those beers on your balcony! Let us know how it goes and enjoy the cruise! Your blog is full of great information! I drink only water and I might have a couple alcoholic drinks during the week. This is probably not worth it for me, but was wondering how much an average drink would cost? And, is tap water okay to drink? Yes, the tap water is A-ok to drink.

Note, NCL does serve free lemonade and iced tea too. Drink prices vary by ship and can even change from sailing to sailing. So do the math and figure it out what may work best for you and your cabin mate. Just got back from a short 5 night on Majesty of the Seas. Is this just at the discretion of the particular ship we were on? Hmm, not sure. Normally most beverage packages will require that passengers sharing a cabin all have a beverage package. So not sure how you may have gotten around that. But if so, sometimes the bartenders will be lenient with people on the beverage packages.

Cruise ship drink and beverage packages guide to every line

You benefit and so do they. Hiya 4 couples are planning to go on a Caribbean cruise on MSC. Cheers Pedro. It may or may not work out. But constantly doing it would be cumbersome and may raise suspicions. So it would be a pain to order a drink, give it to a friend, then wait a few minutes or go to a different bar to order another drink. I wanted to piggie bank off this question…. It would make sense for me to get the drinking package but not so much for my husband….

We are willing to pay for 1 drinking package but over for both is just too much. Any suggestions on how to get around this? That requirement is a tough policy to get around.

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The drink packages can be soooo nice to indulge in. But sometimes it may not prove worthwhile. So really it just depends on your budget and needs. Are they worth it? In Chicago there are Tiki boat booze cruises on the lakefront,a friend Captians them on occasion. So worth it and the look on my face when I found out later made everyone else howl with laughter.

Good news: most all cruise ships have water, lemonade, iced tea, available for free around the clock. So no drink package needed for that.