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Oct 26th at the Terraza Pub in downtown tijuana.. Sigma Dub all Sigma Day! GW19Winners NuEra. Wonderful live demo of the LegendPro today with one of our key luminaries, Dr. Arielle Kauvar! Turnaround time is between days. More so for clients with repossessions, credit cards, student loans, bankruptcies, also includes inquiry removal.

Whose next? This was a journey. They started with the Starter package three months ago and I upgraded them to the Deluxe package because they needed to move so it required results ASAP! Does anyone know if they can put the pull up bar on this stand lower? It's similar to rogues s-2 but I have 8' ceilings and this would give me only 6 inches of clearance where as the S-2 will give me give me plenty of head room.

I can't wait. And I asked for a bar for Christmas, so I may be buying another bar for Oly lifts at the end of the week. I need to remind myself of my current excitement when I'm in my freezing garage at 5 am. Just saw a facebook post from Nu Era Fitness www. Hope that helps :. Hope that helps : I just tried that promo code and it didnt work.

I was trying to purchase the pendlay elite squat rack. Now I gotta wait till I get paid in a few days to see wat rogue is gonna offer:kicking Where are you guys seeing these sales? You can't even order through the US site without the right address. That is how I bought my bearing bar when they went on sale.

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Planning on getting some stuff on sale this week due to Black Friday type sales and head down the 90km or so and pick some stuff up. We usually head over and get some groceries as well and it makes it worhtwhile. Good luck. I don't "need" anything but it still might not stop me buying something.

When you get everything ypu want in your cart at the bottom it will have a box for a promo codo you put NOV13 hit apply and it will come up on your total as a discount. Anybody know anywhere that sells Werk San that might be planning a Black Friday deal? I just have to say it, that is retarded.

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This and a lot of the stuff i'm encountering in the process to acquiring my own equipment totally makes me not want to buy from them and other USA companies now to be honest. I think XTCFitness. Supporting Canadian made and what not, but not gonna lie the stuff from these places the american ones would def be nice. I'm looking to get a couple pair of dumbbells.

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So far XTraining's offer for no shipping gets me the lowest price. I'm going to hold out until I see what Rogue's holiday promotion is going to be. Wow, Rogue is really getting kicked in the butt here. No type of response yet. Will be interesting to see what happens the next few days Working in the corporate office of the 2 sporting goods chain in North America, I can tell you that I love to watch these things blow up.

I have to answer to higher ups in my company about this stuff, and really find it interesting. Again Faster either. I like both of those company's and I'm anticipating what sales they'll have. My cart is filling up on Mdusa Any suggestions for a sled? Also, do the Rogue S-2s's wobble with a kipping pull up? It is on sale for less than the Rogue bar right now, and free shipping to boot.

It's a better bar than the Rogue bar too if you care about weightlifting - 28mm, better spin, has some whip, friendlier knurling. Supporting Canadian made and what not, but not gonna lie the stuff from these places the american ones would def be nice It will be what it will be. I have outfitted my home gym with stuff from all over the place.

I am to the point now where I don't really "need" anything for the training I do. When I first started doing Crossfit about 4. The other day I was in a store here in town and wouldn't you know they sell C2 rowers. They sell bumpers at stores in Winnipeg too which is a 2 hour drive for me. The market here just is not the same as the states. It is all population based. I had a Rogue bar, now have the Pendlay, sold my Rogue bar.

When I train at the gym I use Rogue bars, and yes I notice a difference. Not when squatting and not for thrusters but definitely when snatching and cleaning. I see Isn't the rogue bar a cheaper than that?

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Which is pretty much the same as a Rogue bar. But if Rogue does something similar to last year's Black Friday sale, you may be able to get free shipping through them too. Oh I understand I won't be getting the same prices, but to not get ANY sales events is rather silly considering all the sales elsewhere.

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I actually brought it up with Rogue and all they said was we don't have sales, and we're not looking at providing sales for Roguecanada. I've looked in Ottawa and other then York stuff which i'm not a fan of there is not much in terms of selection. As for the bar, never used a pendlay bar, but they look top notch.